SCADA / Industrial Internet of Things

Over 20 Years of Industrial Data Communications Experience and 30,000 Industrial Devices In Use Around the World.


The Elecsys RediGate 400 is a ruggedized and field-proven edge-of-network gateway designed for SCADA and industrial IOT (IIOT) applications.

  • Built-in cell modem
  • Automatic communications failover (Cellular, Satellite, Ethernet)
  • Security (TLS, VPN, SSL, Firewall)
  • 60+ industrial protocols converted to DNP3, Modbus, or MQTT
  • Rugged: C1D2 Explosion Proof, -40 to +75 C
  • Manufactured in USA

18+ years of report-by-exception experience differentiates the RediGate from other gateways as a mature, proven solution for solving edge-of-network pain points.

  • Cut bandwidth by >80%
  • Reduce latency and cutover times
  • Remote access to field devices with native VPN
  • Store and forward for intermittent communications

Using its native MQTT client, the Elecsys RediGate directly interfaces with messaging middleware/data brokers, new and legacy SCADA hosts, ERP systems, leak detection, maintenance systems, and other enterprise applications.

  • IIoT: IBM Watson IoT, Azure IoT, AWS IoT, and more
  • SCADA: Ignition, Telvent, Wonderware, and more

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