Streetlight Monitoring

The Elecsys Light Guard Pulse is a pedestal-based remote monitoring and control system that monitors the operation and integrity of your lighting circuits 24/7. Our patented 24/7 copper theft monitoring immediately detects theft or damage to your system even when your circuits are not energized.

Controlled via an intuitive and secure cloud-based data system, users can access real-time status and receive system alarm notifications via email or text. With the Light Guard Pulse, you can gain operational insight from an HPS system today and have the flexibility to migrate to an LED system in the future with no additional upgrades.

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Receive immediate alerts if lamps go out or in the event of copper theft or damage to your wiring at night.

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Obstruction Light Monitoring

The Elecsys Light Guard system is built to monitor critical lighting circuits such as obstruction and aircraft warning lights on bridges, as well as beacons and marker lights on towers over 200 feet high and other structures near airports. The Elecsys Light Guard provides real-time connectivity and unparalleled data management and report generation to help stay in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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The Elecsys LumiNode extends the capability of the Light Guard Pulse lighting circuit monitor and control system to include 0-10 dimming control for any standard commercial or utility grade LED lighting fixture compliant with ANSI C-136.41 specifications.

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