HART to Modbus, DNP3 and/or MQTT Cellular Gateway

Elecsys is excited to announce that the RediGate industrial edge of network gateway can now be used as a HART to MQTT protocol converter. The RediGate reads all of the data (not just the primary PV value) from HART-compatible sensors and transmitters, providing richer datasets and more value to analytics and preventative maintenance systems. The RediGate’s report-by-exception architecture efficiently connects HART sensors to IoT platforms (such as Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, IBM Watson IoT, and AWS IoT) and SCADA systems that support the MQTT protocol (such as Inductive Automation’s Ignition, Schneider Electric’s OASyS DNA, and Wonderware):

RediGate converting HART protocol to MQTT and publishing data to IoT platforms (Inductive Automation Ignition, Azure IoT Hub, IBM Watson IoT, AWS IoT)

For non-MQTT applications, the RediGate can also act as a HART to Modbus slave or HART to DNP3 slave gateway:

RediGate converting HART to Modbus or HART to DNP3 protocol to be polled by SCADA systems

For more information about the RediGate’s support for the HART protocol, check out the HART to RediGate Master configuration guide, view our example configurations at http://redigate.elecsyscorp.com/examples, or email us at idgsales@elecsyscorp.com. To see how much data you can save by using the MQTT report-by-exception compared to traditional poll/response networks, check out our bandwidth savings calculator.