Electronic Manufacturing – Stenciling

Industry studies have shown that paste stenciling is a leading cause of defects throughout the assembly process. Many of these issues are caused by semi-automated stencilers that do not apply the paste at a consistent pressure, thickness, or even squeegee speed. At Elecsys, all our solder pasting is done on our fully automated DEK stencilers. It’s a critical step to ensure high quality, high reliability soldering.

Elecsys’s fully-automated stenciling benefits are as follows:

Modular design: Ready for any task with optimized cost-effectiveness.

Retrofittable and scalable: Clamps, conveyors, optical systems, print heads, understencil cleaning – all options are retrofittable so that your stenciler grows with your requirements.

Maintenance-friendly: All operations and maintenance can be performed from the front. All components are easily accessible from the side.

Fast: Core cycle times as short as 6.5 seconds.

Precise: Machine accuracy of up to ±15 µm @ 2 Cmk – ideal for ultra-fine-pitch applications with component sizes down to 0201 (metric).

Efficiently automated: The latest generation of the print head system automates and stabilizes your stencil printing process and reduces paste costs.

Please let us know if you could benefit from the automation we offer in solder printing. It is the key building block that leads to a high quality assembly.