Olathe, Kansas (September 19, 2016) – Elecsys Corporation, a provider of industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology solutions, data acquisition systems, and custom electronic equipment for critical industrial applications today announced the release of a new streetlight remote monitoring and control product, the Light Guard Pulse. The Light Guard Pulse is designed to help municipalities and states guard against copper theft and buried cable damage while reducing energy costs, extending lamp life and improving service operations.

Key features of the Light Guard Pulse:

  • Remote Control and Scheduling – reduce energy costs/increase lamp life
  • 24/7 Protection – detect theft/damage even when lights are not energized
  • Reporting – provides operational insight for targeted maintenance
  • Pedestal-based Installation – saves time and money

“Light Guard Pulse is a unique solution for streetlight monitoring and control that is pedestal-based and provides 24/7 protection, even when lights are unenergized during the day,” said Charles Morse, Director of Business Development at Elecsys. “A rugged but simplified hardware design enables cities and states to gain the benefits of monitoring and control with a quicker installation and lower total investment.”

The Elecsys Light Guard Pulse enables streetlight control and fault reporting via an intuitive and secure cloud-based system that gives municipalities and states real-time status information and alarm notifications sent via text or email. It is flexible for use with LED, HPS, and mixed lighting circuits, facilitating a phased approach to LED system migration, and will be available in early 2017.

For more information, please call Elecsys sales: 913-647-0158


Elecsys Corporation provides innovative machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology solutions, data acquisition and management systems, and custom electronic equipment for critical industrial applications. The Company’s primary markets include energy, agriculture, transportation, safety and security systems, and water management. Elecsys proprietary equipment and services are deployed wherever high quality and reliability are essential. Elecsys is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN).

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