Olathe, Kansas (August 22, 2016) – Elecsys Corporation, a provider of industrial machine to machine (M2M) communication technology solutions, data acquisition systems, and custom electronic equipment for critical industrial applications, announced its introduction of the new Tracker LT test station and critical bond monitor today at the NACE Central Area Conference in New Orleans. As the latest product to join the comprehensive Elecsys pipeline test station monitor line, the Tracker LT combines ease of use, long battery life, and a compact size to provide cost effective and reliable basic monitoring of pipeline test stations and critical bond sites.

Key features of the Tracker LT include:

  • Test Points – AC and DC Voltage Potential
  • Coupon Test Stations – AC, DC, and “OFF” Voltage Potentials
  • Critical Bonds – Bond Current and Structure Voltage Potentials

“The design and functionality of the Tracker LT is in direct response to customer requests for a cost effective CP monitoring solution that can be deployed across pipeline systems to ensure compliance,” said Matt Andrews, Vice President of Engineering at Elecsys. “This new product, combined with our Tracker and Tracker B solutions, expands our solution set to address the full spectrum of applications for pipeline test station and critical bond monitoring.”

The Tracker LT communicates via an internal cellular modem that provides extensive global data connectivity and is pre-configured to sample measurements every 4 hours and transmit those readings every 15 days to comply with regulatory requirements and provide reliable confirmation of cathodic protection and pipeline integrity. Combining the benefits of easy installation with low operating and communication costs inside a small, rugged, weatherproof enclosure, the Tracker LT mounts on either a standard 3” riser pipe or inside a junction box.


Elecsys Corporation provides innovative machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology solutions, data acquisition and management systems, and custom electronic equipment for critical industrial applications. The Company’s primary markets include energy production and distribution, agriculture, transportation, safety and security systems, and water management. Elecsys proprietary equipment and services encompass wireless remote monitoring, industrial data communication, and mobile data acquisition technologies that are deployed wherever high quality and reliability are essential. In 2015, Elecsys became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lindsay Corporation.