Elecsys is the #1 Rail Friction Remote Monitoring Company


Rail Friction Monitoring Benefits

  • Immediate notification if product tank is empty or lubricator is non-functional
  • Remote monitoring improves the overall ROI of your lubrication program
  • Remote turn On/Off lubricators during track maintenance
  • Provides continuous monitoring via cellular
  • Proactively schedule and send crews to lubricators that need attention

Why Elecsys is #1

  • Long-term solution with future-proof technology
  • Elecsys manufactures its own modems and offers drop-in replacements for future-proofing communications
  • Over two decades of monitoring expertise with thousands of units monitored all around the globe

RFM-100 Product Benefits

  • Single capital expenditure model combines communication rate with unit purchase
  • Ruggedized monitoring systems in NEMA 4x enclosures
  • Easy-to-use modern web interface accessible via any web-enabled device
  • Convenient Apple and Android apps for easy mobile functionality



Bridge Cathodic Protection Monitoring

  • CP remote monitoring products for rectifiers¬†
  • CP remote monitoring products for tanks
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